Whether a product, service, or idea- every business is fundamentally about the same thing. It’s about having an idea, something POTENTIAL, and moving it to ACTUAL — so as to create an impact.

Maybe you have found the perfect “Wobble and Bobble” and you want to bring it to market? You know it on a really deep level – this thing is going to change the world!  Now what?

Or you might be a gifted consultant or service provider with a killer personal brand and have gotten lost in finding your customer and building a relationship?

Perhaps you’re an existing company or a startup that is up against a challenge or change in your offering, your messaging or your team dynamics? 

Or some combination of all of these?

Story Sprout is a [mostly] Virtual Incubator for solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for help with moving their idea, offering, or team to “what’s next”.  Powered by CYM Media and facilitated by our COO, Kevin Kuchar, we have helped our clients take dramatic ground in every aspect of their business development including:


What is Story Sprout?

A little bit coaching and a little bit consulting, Story Sprout is an incubator to support small and medium sized business with their unique challenges. We always start with your Origin Story (the REASON you are in business) and go from there!  

Who do you work with?

Businesses of all types!  Story Sprout works with SaaS, Tech, Product, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle Brands, Consultants, Hospitality, Food and Beverage and more!

CYM Media looks like Marketing company, how does this relate to Story Sprout?

CYM Media is our parent company. Story Spout is essentially another service just like anything else CYM Media provides.  When we say, “powered by” we really mean “fully supported by and part of”.

How do you work with your clients?

Story Sprout was initially created as both a virtual and in person mobile incubator to support businesses in all stages of development. *** In recent response to COVID 19 all of our services are being offered online for the foreseeable future. 

What is the cost?

Our initial forum is 100% FREE! This is a 90-minute facilitated panel (which you are welcome to attend 2 times without cost). We will focus on a particular topic area and facilitate a discussion around popular challenges facing small business. 

From there, each engagement model is different.  Some of our clients are ongoing and are working around several aspects of their business. Other clients choose to work around a specific area or focus for a specific period of time.  

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