January 11, 2020




How individuals and teams manage projects and reach goals can range from the common (chaotic to do lists, calendar apps and overflowing Post-It notes) to more complex project management tools like and others.  More and more, the corporate and nonprofit worlds are adapting tools and methods from the software space (Scrum, Kanban for Agile iterative work) to bring about change and shape best practices everywhere. The goal being to create refinement around how work “gets done”.  At an even higher level, Coaching is becoming the new billion-dollar solution to discover new objectives, identify blockers, and put people and teams at cause to create (from a more personal space) what’s possible ahead.

So, where can all of this intersect to reimagine the everyday and create something new?

Here Near Far is Strategic Project Management and Coaching for High Performers (and those who want to be…)  This tool is about getting elevation above ineffective strategies and old ideas, while integrating methods and practices from iterative project work and coupling those tactics with what Ontological Coaching brings to the table.  Here Near Far is a seamless way to conceptualize and implement a strategic “Flight Plan” for your team in their work or for yourself in a personal project.

If you consider all of your priorities, responsibilities and objectives on the same lateral playing field (as many of us do) target confusion, information paralysis and false starts are often the predictable outcome.  Creating an intuitive strategic plan (based first on our “Why/How Manifest”) that supports a reimagined “Flight Plan” for your work, clarifies not just what should be done and when, but how a particular task is in service (or not in service) of your greater goals.

“Here Near Far, is where work gets done, Well”

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