About CYM

Our Vision

Moving people and ideas from what might be – to what is.

Our Mission

A constant generator of powerful content, conversations and connections.

Our Team

Scott began his career as a theatrical designer; a job that has since broadened his interests in film, photography, and digital media design. As the founder of CYM Media, Scott has built a reputation on utilizing content to help companies build their brand and shape their message across various mediums. He has produced campaigns and content for companies nationwide, focusing on storytelling and exploration. He enjoys spending time with non-profit organizations helping to meet fundraising and marketing goals through digital and print media. As a product of the digital generation, Scott is always on call and yet still makes time for Syracuse Basketball and Penn State Football. Scott is a member of the EO Accelerator Program in the Washington DC Chapter.  He lives in North Bethesda, MD with his wife Lauren and their son Lane.

Scott Selman

Founder & CEO

In 2020, Kevin Kuchar leveraged his varied experience in Education, Non-Profit Development, Coaching, Leadership, Consulting and Creative Direction to spearhead CYM Media’s Operations, Strategic Plan and Business Development; as President & COO. Kuchar has, over the past 15 years, developed new programming and products, created supply chains for scalable content, innovated processes for creative work at scale, and has developed sales pipelines for a variety of businesses across a diverse range of industries. Kuchar has also created and produced major campaign projects for Regional and National clients; leading his production team to earn more than two dozen awards. In 2019, Kevin was named to the Telly Awards Judging Council.  He is also an award-winning filmmaker and content creator and ACC Certified Executive Coach.

Kevin Kuchar

President & COO

Sean Douglas is a Producer and all around Master of the Cinematic Arts at CYM Media.  He has worked in an Associate Producer capacity since 2016 for reality and documentary series, educational content, and commercial productions.  He graduated with a BA in Film Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park and has been involved with multiple Telly Award Winning productions; including one he nabbed for himself in Art Direction. Little did he know, that small foray into an elective would end up fueling his major change AND career decisions for the next half decade.  Obscure Music Junkie and Kanye West fanatic became just a few of the multitude of titles he has acquired for himself. He is currently producing a new podcast series and resides in Baltimore, MD.

Sean Douglas


Andrés Felipe Roa is a Colombian-born filmmaker and stage actor. He’s worked on-and-off with CYM Media since its early years, and is now on full-time as their Associate Creative Director. Andrés holds an MFA in Theatre from the University of Houston, and is a working actor when he’s away from his editing machine.

Andrés Felipe Roa

Associate Creative Director

A graduate from Towson University’s Electronic Media and Film program, Matt is a writer and filmmaker whose worked on number of projects (both narrative and commercial) in numerous capacities. No matter what he’s working on it’s always driven by his abiding love of film and video and an unquenchable passion for storytelling.

Matthew Friend


Mykael Hyman is a Penn State alumni with a bachelor’s degree in communications – Film/Video. Initially majoring in journalism, Mykael has always been most interested in storytelling. Only now, he believes the visual medium is the right fit for him and his commitment to further diversify the film and video industry with his voice, creative drive, and production skills. If he’s not typing up a pilot in a coffee shop or holding a boom on set, Mykael can be found binging on Netflix content for inspiration. 

Mykael Hyman

Senior Writer
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